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Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain; they change its structure and how it works. These brain changes can be long lasting and can lead to much harmful, often self-destructive, behaviour. Resulting In…

  • failure to fulfill major role obligations;
  • legal problems;
  • social or interpersonal problems;
  • dependence (addiction)

What is a Drug?

Any natural or manufactured substance—legal or illegal—that can alter the functioning of the brain and the body. Any drug related charge has serious ramifications and impact on your life.  If you’ve been charged with a drug crime or narcotics offence in Hamilton, Toronto, the GTA or anywhere in Ontario you may need to hire a criminal defence law firm experienced in handling drug related cases. The sooner you hire the right firm, the odds of winning your case increase. Criminal lawyer Hamilton has earned its reputation as a leading Canadian criminal law firm with proven success in handling drug and narcotics cases involving cocaine, heroin, non-prescription opioids and other substances.

Narcotics Related Offences

Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), which details drugs that are illegal across Canada, there are four main narcotics related offences:

  • possession
  • possession for the purpose of trafficking
  • trafficking
  • importing

A possession charge means you are found with drugs in an amount for personal use. Possession for the purpose of trafficking means that you are in possession of an unlawful substance for the purpose of selling or giving the substance to another person. This usually means you are in possession of a large amount of an illegal substance – not for personal use but with an intention to sell the drugs.  Trafficking in illegal drugs means selling or giving them to other individuals, including undercover police officers. Importation of drugs occurs when you enter Canada with an illegal substance and can include drugs not in your direct possession, but drugs that have been sent or couriered to you.

Changing Cannabis Laws

Cannabis (marijuana) is now legal in Canada, but there are circumstances under which you can face charges including crossing a border with cannabis in your possession, trafficking and driving while high.  It is also illegal to sell cannabis without a license — even to a friend or neighbour. Similar to alcohol, legislation exists at both the federal and provincial levels in some instances pertaining to cannabis laws.

Your Advocate In Drug Violation Cases

While other states are relaxing their stance toward marijuana possession, this is not the case in Hamilton. Police officers and prosecutors strictly enforce state drug laws to break the cycle of addiction and crime that often accompanies drug use. A drug charge is a serious matter, which is why you should seek out knowledgeable legal support if you have been arrested for committing a drug crime.

Helping You Challenge Drug Charges

Our firm is qualified to handle a range of drug violations, including:

  • Simple possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine
  • Possession with intent to sell, manufacturing or trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines
  • Prescription drug offenses, including doctor shopping, prescription drug fraud and unlawful possession

As your legal ally, we will study the events surrounding your arrest to make sure that your rights were not violated. If police officers did not follow appropriate procedure during a search or questioning, we will use the law to hold them accountable. We can also connect you with the best substance abuse counselors so that we can address the underlying disease responsible for your charges and break the cycle of abuse, arrest and incarceration.We will create a custom defensive strategy based on your unique situation. Having a drug charge on your criminal record can affect your life long after your trial is over. Before you consider accepting a plea, you need to understand the impact this decision may have. Criminal defence lawyer for drug abuse in Hamilton will examine all options and explain them to you so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

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