Best Way

Whatever your investment plans, the best way to guarantee returns is to take a long-term view. While quick wins, achieved from timing the market, are possible, they’re difficult to sustain and hugely risky – recent trends are no guarantee of the future, so what if a rising market suddenly changes direction and falls? Long term investing helps to smooth out short term volatility and also allows you to take advantage of compound growth, whereby profits are made on profits.

Given today’s shifting geopolitical landscape, many surprising developments can happen in months. The UK voted to leave the European Union, the Trump administration rode a wave of change into power in the U.S., India implemented a massive demonetization initiative in its economy, and China’s steps to open markets to foreign capital mean that it will play an even larger role in the global investing landscape in the future.

Almost none of this was anticipated on , when emerging market equities reached a major low point against a backdrop of slowing economic growth, weaker currencies and the prospect of higher interest rates and monetary tightening in the U.S.

What we knew then, however, is that emerging markets have historically bounced back, rewarding the investor who has conviction.

Real Estate comes in many forms – multi-family, shopping centers, storage Units, industrial office buildings, residential housing – all of which come with different sizes and price tags.

There are lots of financing and management strategies. This unique melting pot of options means that anyone can gets started with a little bit of wisdom and a lot of out of the box thinking no matter their financial planning.

For this guide we are going to focus on residential single family homes and how to buy rental property in this category.

While we’re focusing on single family homes, with some minor adjustments, this plan could work for many other types of rental property.

The key is to have a model that works, and to use that model to guide your plan. A great plan allows you to get to your goal with minimal mistakes.