Most people agree that 2011 was a tough year for investors. Wild market swings, unpredictable economies and a gridlocked Congress all played havoc with investors’ nerves. In uncertain times like these, the temptation is to move your money from one investment to another, trying to limit your losses. That strategy may make an investor feel better, more in control, but won’t necessarily improve returns.

Believe it or not, investment experts who have analyzed last year’s market have determined that someone who invested half her money in the stock market and half in bonds (and left it there for the entire year) would have enjoyed a nearly three percent return on those investments. Granted, three percent isn’t much, but given the market’s volatility and all of the economic uncertainty we faced last year, three percent isn’t bad. And the reality is certainly better than the perception. Most people believe that investments lost a significant amount of money last year – as much as 10 or 20 percent of their value.

Because most professional money managers are just as clueless as their clients, Spray and Pray is one of the most effective investment strategies. Once a hot new promising sector is identified, spreading an equal amount of capital amongst applicable companies is often better than attempting to pick winners. The digital currency Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is no different.

ICO’s are red hot. Armed with a whitepaper and a slick minimal looking web page, teams can amass millions of USD in a matter of minutes. Last week Golem, a distributed computing platform, held a sale of $8 million worth of tokens. They sold out instantly.

Traditional money managers are beginning to take interest. Small funds are opening around the globe with a mandate to invest in new and promising ICOs. I compiled a list of all the ICO’s since and including Counterparty that have completed a subscription round and listed on a secondary market.