One of our core tenants at Earningsbase is to always be open and transparent. As a result the first point in the article is salient – namely no algorithm can ever claim risk-free trading with only positive returns and no losses.  who correctly states that no model is perfect. We fully agree – our models are certainly far from perfect. Moreover and as we have stated multiple times before, if you expect to “get rich quick” with our approach, you will be sorely disappointed.

Nonetheless this trend towards machines in trading does not mean that humans will become completely superfluous. As  Capital Data Management mentions in the article, it will always be the responsibility of a human – say a fund-manager – to set the parameters for any automated investment strategy. At Earningsbase we use the analogy of an automatic pilot. In modern aircraft a computer normally pilots the plane; however if an emergency occurs, a human pilot is always available to intervene and control the aircraft herself. It will be no different in the future for “financial pilots”.