Strong Returns

The first step when considering solar as a retirement investment strategy is to find out how much solar can actually contribute to your retirement.  Solar Calculator can give you a quick snapshot of the relative value of different solar financing options in your area, based on your electricity bill and incentives available to you. If you’re ready to start comparing solar quotes, register your property on the Solar Marketplace to receive multiple offers from pre-screened solar companies at no cost.

Sign a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). If you choose a solar lease, you pay no money up front and are charged a reduced monthly rate by the third-party owner to “rent” a solar energy system. This will likely result in 10 to 20 percent savings on your electricity bill for the duration of your lease agreement. A solar lease or PPA is a great option if your income is low enough that you cannot take advantage of the federal tax credit for solar.

He walked away having learned a few things about tax lien certificate investing. The first thing he realized is that it is a real opportunity, and that there are high returns to be made in tax liens. But knowing the lay of the land is a full-time job and is a ton of work. It requires specific, industry expertise, and the sheer volume of liens requires a massive amount of time, skills, tools and manpower to properly identify the great liens to invest in, and the poor liens to avoid.

One might think that Jeff emerged from his venture feeling discouragement, frustration and disappointment. But nothing could be further from the truth: As Jeff related his story, the smile on his face got bigger and bigger. He became more animated, and his interest level in investing in tax liens became even stronger.